LCE has been in the “smart” cultures business for decades.

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LCE has helped organizations large and small, public and private, local and global, transform how they understand and manage the life cycle of their assets to meet operational goals. We’re different, and here’s how:

LCE was founded with a project to extend the asset life cycle of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet. Since 1976 LCE has proudly served the U.S. Navy, the Department of Defense and private industry.

The concept of “smart cultures” may sound new. But we’ve been doing this for four decades. Ready to meet this team of operational superheroes?
They don’t wear capes, but we still think they’re pretty cool.

Tara Holwegner
Manager, Product Development & Intellectual Property

With over 15 years’ experience at Life Cycle Engineering, Tara has developed volumes of training, eLearning, and performance improvement products. She was part of the initial development team for LCE’s online toolkit – the LCEsmartr Playbook – and remains a core co-creator for that system, leading a team of professional instructional designers, software architects and reliability/asset management specialists. Leading the future of product innovation at LCE, Tara’s expertise and skillset enables organizations with the right tools to create a big impact in the business.

Paul Borders
Senior Principal Consultant

Paul works with clients to improve the performance of their manufacturing plants and asset-intensive facilities through the application of reliability-based principles. Paul has been a staple in the LCE team for the last 14 years with a proven track record in applying engineering logic to solve business problems.

Rick Wheeler
Executive Director, Asset Management

A proven agent of change with expertise in the areas of maintenance, engineering, construction and production. Rick is an expert at assessing the current state of asset management maturity, developing a road map for gap closure, and leading improvement initiatives that result in significant process improvements and substantial cost savings. Rick has worked with LCE for 10 years.

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"We had 4-5 companies come in, LCE was one of them. The consultant really got it. He knew it was about people and sponsorship. Others have been doing it a long time, but they really understood the people aspect."