Feel like you’re facing a challenge with no clear fix?

Don’t worry; we’ve been there, done that.

Can you relate to any of this?
How about this?
An unsustainable operating budget with too many variables?
A ‘wait until it breaks, then fix it’ approach?
Increasingly stiff competition that is forcing you to do more with only what you have?
Top-down pressure to cut costs?
Lots of talk about digital transformation with no real path to get there?
Difficulty finding, keeping and training the right people to support your vision?
Installing new production lines or starting new plants.
You’re not alone
We’ve been helping organizations like yours for more than four decades. We know it’s possible to do better because we’ve been there helping them achieve their goals of smart operations.
Here’s a universal truth
Business leaders want operations that run better, faster, cheaper and safer—whether or not they use new technology to get there. Innovation in technology and smart machines present a new opportunity—a new way to solve an old problem. Leaders are enticed by the potential behind smart operations AND the promise of technology solving the problem.
But new equipment, emerging technology or software can’t solve the problem. They are only tools. There are limitless “solutions” but none really address what you need. Because what you need is almost intangible. It’s how to connect and coordinate people, processes, equipment and technology to optimize the performance of the system.

" With LCEsmartr, the foundation is in place; documented practices. We don’t worry about the tribal knowledge leaving and starting at square one. "

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