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We’ve been helping organizations just like yours for more than 45 years. The secret to our success?

Making sure your operation gets exactly what it needs—no more, no less.

LCEsmartr Consulting

Our expert team can guide your team through a smart culture transformation

LCEsmartr Playbook

Self-guided interactive resource to accelerate your transformation on your own or with our help

LCEsmartr Training & Certification

In-person, live-virtual, and eLearning options through the Life Cycle Institute

LCEsmartr Talent

Our team members work with you to complement your internal resources onsite, remote or hybrid.

LCEsmartr Consulting

Consulting services are only as good as the people providing them. Lucky for us (and you) our consultants have decades of experience in the field—in operations roles just like yours. And they have experience leading executives and reliability and asset management teams through transformations. They bring a fresh perspective to the challenges at hand, the ability to zero in on the root of most challenges (they’ve seen it all), and then guide leaders to the strategy they need, as both coach and cheerleader. A winning team approach!

How do you know if LCEsmartr consulting is what you need? Let’s talk about it. We’ll steer you in the right direction.

LCEsmartr Playbook

Have you ever wished for a one-stop resource to accelerate your asset management journey—one that includes the best learning, tools and operational guidance you can apply to your operation? Wish no longer, because we created one.

The LCEsmartr playbook is an asset management and reliability accelerator—a tool kit and coach complete with:

• implementation guide
• assessments
• work processes
• tools
• support
• eLearning

LCEsmartr Training

Training workers can already be a challenge. When you’re adopting a smart culture as the path to a smart operation, it’s a critical part of the process. Maybe THE critical component.

It’s not just “how” to operate or fix equipment or learning the standard operating procedures. It’s why we are doing what we are doing. When the entire team buys into the possibilities of a smart operation, when connectivity exists between people and technology, everyone wins. The organization can save time up front and support long-term employee retention.

Self-guided training modules or expert-led sessions? We’ve got an option for you.

LCEsmartr Talent

You’ve got the vision for the smart operation. Check. All the stakeholders are on board. Check. What about the people who will make it happen?

If you’re struggling to identify and recruit talent to support the smartr transition, we can help you augment your team with highly qualified full-time or part-time subject matter experts to complement your existing workforce. Whether it’s reliability engineers or maintenance management resources, we know how important it is to put the right people in place—people who will embrace the vision—because the people are what separates a smart operation from a regular one.

Need help filling out your team to support your smart culture plans? Let’s go!

LCEsmartr Services

Sometimes you just need someone you can trust to come in and solve your problems. That’s what we do through our reliability engineering services.

Our subject matter experts come to your site and work independently or with your people to provide a range of services covering the entire life cycle of the assets. What kind of services? Here’s a sampling:

• Design for reliability and RAM analysis for new assets
• Risk-based asset management
• Advanced predictive maintenance
• Process intelligence and Industry 4.0 for existing assets
• Facility condition assessments to determine the current asset health and predict end-of-life replacement costs

How do you know if LCEsmartr services is what you need? Let’s talk about it.

"LCEsmartr is technology agnostic. It’s really foundational - for any of the systems."