Do we really need more “solutions” or should we be changing our perspective? Introducing LCEsmartr

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We didn’t coin the phrase “smart culture” but we’re happy to embrace it. It perfectly suits what we’ve already been doing for decades. You’ve likely heard of the term before or one of its cousins–Industry 4.0, digital transformation, the Internet of Things. It would be wrong to assume they’re the same or that the path to achieving them is uniform. So what exactly is smart culture from LCE’s perspective and what does it mean for you? Let’s break it down.

We live in a world of ‘smart’ things–smart watches, smart phones, smart thermostats–and smart industrial machines. Machines with sensors, connectivity, more data than we can manage, and machine learning/AI. Add all these machines together and you have the potential for a ‘smart’ operation.

But we know it’s not just about the technology. If that was the case then every organization that invests in smart machines would be operating at peak efficiency. But they’re not. Because day in and day out it’s your employees that make the biggest impact on your productivity. Simply put, a smart culture connects and coordinates people with the technological tools, processes and best practices to optimize your operations.

But how does one get to this state? And does it mean having to buy into yet another “solution?”

This isn’t about adding another layer of technology to the mix. Rather, LCEsmartr is our approach to helping you accelerate this smart culture path to smarter operations. We’ve compiled the expertise, experience and proven best practices that can elevate your organization from one that merely owns the smart technology to one that uses the technology to its potential with the guidance and coordination of your people. We’re providing the training, support and guidance to help you get there.

So why is this good for your business?

At the end of the day, the goal is better, faster, safer, cheaper operations. That’s good for employees, customers, partners and your bottom line. It may sound too good to be true, but with LCEsmartr it’s all possible. Our team of industry-leading experts is here to help you align your systems and processes for a consistent and more sustainable operation. And the cherry on top of this efficiently run operation? You can set a budget you trust with minimal variances caused by unexpected downtime, repairs or turnover.

So what’s next?

You already have all the elements in place and maybe you’ve already engaged us to help you tackle the barriers to operational efficiency your organization faces. But maybe there’s an opportunity to do more? Let’s talk about all the different ways that LCEsmartr can help you achieve your goals.

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